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Sadquain Enterprises export-based company established in 2007. Operating on a global scale, from the products we have, to the markets we reach. We are the manufacturer and exporter of industrial wiping rags, industrial and non-industrial wipers, cotton waste yarn, P-Caps, and T-Shirts, and have succeeded for over 12 years by constantly satisfying our customers' needs. The company's operating section is based in Karachi, Pakistan. We provide a wide range of wiping rags, including industrial and non-industrial wipers, P-Caps, and T-Shirts, ranging in price from low-cost general-purpose wiping rags to high-quality cleaning rags composed of 100 percent cotton fully absorbent material that exceed all international standards. We are also a leading dealer in textile waste.

Sorting, cutting, packing, and exporting recycled and new industrial materials are all part of our manufacturing process.
We are producing quality recycled wiping Rags and new industrial cleaning rags for the Paint companies, oil and gas sector, shipyards, automobiles industry, work sites / Construction companies, metalworking, woodworking, electrical and transportation as well Garage and janitorial sector.

Since 2007, we are in this industry, and quality is the main focus for our company hence we take lot of care of all the products while processing starting right after procurement of raw material until final dispatch of our products to our clients.

We have been doing business with top firms for many years because of our exceptional service, high-quality products, and low rates. Our product variety is exported to the Middle East, Australia, and Europe, and we have pleased customers all over the world who rely on our dedication, determination, and quality.
Our goal is to provide the finest possible service to our customers in order to meet their needs. That is why we will continue to explore new goods and markets in order to better serve the industries.


Mission of this company satisfactory deals with our clients maintaining international standards timely delivery


Vision of this company satisfactory deals with our clients maintaining international standards timely delivery.




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