Our industrial wiper service provides products for handling industrial dirt and hazardous waste. We pick up dirty wipers and absorption mats for laundry regularly and deliver clean replacements simultaneously. Our company supplies not only wholesale industrial wipers but also wholesale non-industrial wipers. Our cost-efficient service ensures that you always have enough clean wipers and absorption mats in use, and your premises stay clean thanks to the collector bins included in our service. Switch to a carefree service and let us handle the disposal of your hazardous waste responsibly!

Industrial & Non-Industrial Wipes:

  • Industrial wiper
  • Industrial cleaning rags
  • Lint-free wipers
  • Stain recovers, wiping rags
  • Cotton rags
  • Non-cotton rags
  • Used clothing rags
  • Whitewashed rags
  • Un washed rags
  • Snitched rags
  • Unstitched rags
  • Home and commercial rags
  • White towels rags
  • Colour towels rags

Our enterprise industrial wipers are industrial-strength hand cleaning wipes capable of removing oil, grease, paint, ink, and adhesives. These are general-purpose industrial wipes in Dubai. The textured side of the wipe will gently but efficiently remove all ingrained contamination. The smooth side of the wipe will effectively retain contamination and prevent the hands’ re-soiling. Hands are clean and dry in one application, all without water. Our wipes are being used commercially as wholesale industrial disinfectant wipes in Sharjah.

Wholesale Industrial cleaning wipes

The Wholesale Industrial cleaning wipes  range of products provides tradespeople with everything they need to stay clean and professional and keep their skin in prime condition.

Best wholesale non industrial cleaning wipes

The Best wholesale non industrial cleaning wipes  range of products provides tradespeople with everything they need to stay clean and professional and keep their skin in prime condition.

General purpose industrial wipes

The General purpose industrial wipes  range of products provides tradespeople with everything they need to stay clean and professional and keep their skin in prime condition.


  • Excellent water / Oil absorption performance
  • Efficient decontamination
  • Cleaning function
  • Soft hand feeling


  • Evacuation of greases for links
  • Optical filaments
  • Evacuation of oil stains on parts and hardware and gear
  • Support and cleaning of working environments
  • Surface treatment with solvents

Advances Used in Industrial & Non-Industrial Wipers:

  • Air laid
  • Dry laid
  • Spun laid
  • Melt blown
  • Wet laid


  • Assembling, Engineering, and Maintenance
  • Cleaning apparatus and instruments
  • Retaining liquids and oil
  • Hand cleaning
  • Auto Industry
  • Surface readiness before painting
  • Cleaning Oil and compound sponges

As a one-time purchase, taking the plunge and buying your own wipers might seem like a good option. However, in industrial use wipers don’t have a very long life cycle and they need to be replaced with new ones frequently.  Taking into consideration the laundry costs and cost of disposing of hazardous waste, buying your own wipes starts piling up costs that are difficult to estimate and budget. Then again the quality of disposable wipers is not enough for industrial use and they also create a big waste problem, especially when handling hazardous waste.

Our carefree wiper service is more cost-efficient than handling all of this on your own. Our service is easy to budget and there are no hidden costs! All of this is automatically included in our service:

  • Acquiring enough wipers for your daily use
  • Wiper containers for both clean and used wipers
  • Laundry
  • Logistics arrangements between laundry service and your facility
  • Meeting the legal obligations of disposing of hazardous waste
  • Reports of waste disposal when needed

Sadquain enterprises Industrial wipers are just any wipe or material that are utilized in a modern climate. They are generally described by their high-strength properties, low-linting, and adaptability – being valuable in an assortment of utilizations. Modern wipes incorporate everything from high-strength, super tough wipes that are viable at cleaning away breaks and spillages to low-linting tack wipes which are ideally suited for a perfect, trash free completion.

Choosing the sadquain enterprises industrial wipers for cleaning particularly relies upon your interesting necessities. For instance, assuming you are basically worried about spillages – like oil, oil or paint – you will need to put resources into a tough, profoundly spongy wipe that can manage these difficulties. Then again, assuming your prerequisites are for specialized cleaning, for example, guaranteeing a build up free completion or keeping hardware working, you will require a sadquain venture modern wipe with altogether different properties.

Sadquain enterprises industrial wipers are exceptionally powerful at clearing impurities on boards preceding artwork. This guarantees that no garbage is left on a superficial level which could think twice about finish and lead to cost re-runs for your business – assisting with setting aside time and cash. Modern wipes can likewise be utilized on apparatuses to eliminate impurities subsequent to painting, leaving a perfect completion.

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