We are pleased to present ourselves as manufacturer, exporter, and cotton yarn waste suppliers in Qatar, Oman, and Dubai. The products we offer are available in various packaging options as per the variegated choices of our clients. These products have high absorbency, and people appreciate their practical usage in cleansing and polishing. Quality controllers examine thoroughly under vigilance against various parameters of quality to deliver a defect-free assortment.

Cotton Yarn Waste:

  • Commercial yarn waste
  • Polyester yarn waste
  • Polishing yarn waste
  • Car polishing yarn waste
  • Cotton pc mix yarn waste
  • 100% cotton yarn waste
  • 100% polyester yarn waste
  • Auto industry’s yarn waste
  • Color yarn waste
Sadquain enterprise’s cotton yarn waste is additionally the result of yarn production. It’s utilized in reusing and delivering natural cotton substances for open-end turning factories to create law-count yarn.


  • The auto cone is an excellent quality
  • We supply our cotton goods and raw materials from the vendors like cotton yarn waste suppliers in Qatar, Oman, and Dubai. It represents the excellent quality of our supplier material.


  • Profoundly water-retentive
  • Delicate and reasonable


  • Cotton yarn waste is excellent for making mats, mops, cleaning fabric, and material dolls.
  • It is utilized in Ring turned yarn.
  • It tends to be used for protection, clothes, or stuffing where it shows up with a new life cycle.
The reusing process forestalls undesirable wastage that can redirect numerous items from landfills.

As a one-time purchase, taking the plunge and buying your own wipes might seem like a good option. However, in industrial use wipes don’t have a very long life cycle and they need to be replaced with new ones frequently.  Taking into consideration the laundry costs and cost of disposing of hazardous waste, buying your own wipes starts piling up costs that are difficult to estimate and budget. Then again the quality of disposable wipers is not enough for industrial use and they also create a big waste problem, especially when handling hazardous waste.

Our carefree wiper service is more cost-efficient than handling all of this on your own. Our service is easy to budget and there are no hidden costs! All of this is automatically included in our service:

  • Acquiring enough wipers for your daily use
  • Wiper containers for both clean and used wipers
  • Laundry
  • Logistics arrangements between laundry service and your facility
  • Meeting the legal obligations of disposing of hazardous waste
  • Reports of waste disposal when needed

Absolutely not! We understand the needs of different industries and have a selection of wipes for different kinds of wiping and absorption needs. For example, the printing industry requires very high-quality wipers that leave no residue on the printing machines – giving the papers and magazines the perfect clean print whereas the automotive industry usually requires wipes and absorption mats that are heavy enough to hold liquids such as oil and grease. Don’t know which wipers are best for you? Don’t worry, we will help you find the best solution for your needs!

Our flexible service model ensures cost-efficiency. By using a recyclable wiping product, waste volumes decrease and the disposal costs of such waste are no longer your concern. To start with our service, there are no initial investments needed – we provide you with the products and containers and you only pay for the small weekly service fee according to how many products you need. Make full use of the cost-benefit right away!

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