A Guide to Find Cotton Yarn Waste Suppliers in Qatar

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Cotton Rags Supplier Near Dubai

The cotton yarn market near Dubai experienced a spectacular 51% growth in 2021, reaching a $X market size. After two years of decrease, this was the third year in a row of growth. The consumption of cotton yarn increased significantly overall, peaking in 2021. The market is expected to continue on its current upward trajectory and is expected to develop gradually shortly.

Price Charges by Cotton Rags Suppliers in Qatar

Based on export prices, the value of cotton yarn production in Qatar decreased slightly in 2022 and settled at $X. Despite this, the overall trend in production remained fairly steady. In 2018, there was a notable surge in growth, accounting for 15% more than the previous year and reaching a peak production level of $X. Nonetheless, the rate of production growth stayed at a somewhat slower rate between 2019 and 2022.

Cotton Yarn Imports

The import of cotton yarn saw a significant decline in Qatar, falling to X tonnes from a three-year high of -50.4%. Even with this reduction, the general pattern shows that imports have increased significantly. The year 2014 saw the fastest growth, rising by an astounding 2,146% over the year before. Imports significantly decreased in 2022 following a peak of X tonnes in the previous year. Cotton yarn waste suppliers in Qatar in 2022 saw a significant decline in value to $X; nonetheless, the overall trend shows a strong increase. The year 2017 saw the greatest increase in value, rising by 147% over the year before. The import values peaked in 2021 at $X and then saw a notable decline the following year.

Imports by Country

According to research china (X tonnes) India (X tonnes) and Turkey (X tonnes) apply the largest share of the import market of cotton yarn in Qatar, accounting for 88% of total imports. However, many other countries accounted including Canada, Pakistan, the US, and Italy with 10% of the share and come on second and third number respectively. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +364.9%, the United States demonstrated the most impressive growth rate among major suppliers between 2013 and 2022. Turkey ($X) was the top cotton yarn waste supplier in Qatar in terms of value. Countries including China ($X), and India ($X) accounted for 76% of all imports. Apart from this was made up of France, Canada, Pakistan, and Italy during the learning period. As compared to other countries Germany had the biggest growth rates in import values, that is CAGR of +302.5%. The growth rates of other top providers were comparatively lower.

Import Prices Charged by Country- Cotton Yarn Waste Suppliers In Qatar

The average cost of cotton yarn imported into Qatar per tonne in 2022 was $X, a -2% decrease from the year before. Throughout the review period, there was a discernible decline in the trend of import prices. The year 2021 saw the fastest growth, with an increase of 53%. As average import prices peaked in 2013 at $X per tonne, they decreased continuously from 2014 to 2022. Even though the average import price peaked in 2013 at $X per tonne, it continued to decline from 2014 until 2022. Notably difference in import price by nations are, that Italy records the highest at $X per tonne whereas Canada records the lowest prices at $X per tonne. China surged by +84.6% between 2013 and 2022, the highest rate of price rise, while other major suppliers witnessed more moderate growth.

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